Our Expertise

Comprehensive package is suitable for schools, preschools, dance school, gyms and premises where occupants or activities that require the occupants to constantly touch multiple points, walls, floors and high touch points.

With this option, you will be assured that all areas within your premises other than the ceiling are coated with AirTumTec. This will ensure all touch points are protected by AirTumTec and users of these areas are assured that every touch is safe.

After AirTumTec is coated on these points, daily cleaning and disinfecting can still carry on. Normal usage can also be resumed. AirTumTec coating is certified to last up to 365 days and is certified to be abrasion resistant, scratch resistant and chemical resistant.

Our Professionalism

  • Provision of consultation site visit to understand your needs.
  • Service conducted by WSQ-trained technicians with national skillset certifications.
  • ISO 9001 certified, ISO 45001 certifed, Bizsafe Star, NEA Licensed Clean Mark Silver cleaning company